Now you know what to do on day 1 and in your second trimester, here’s what you should get done in your third trimester. I’d recommend getting most things done early in this last trimester because chances are, you’ll soon feel too uncomfortable and tired to be thinking about all this, moving around and following up.

Step 1 — The Baby’s Room

Now’s the time to get the room ready! I’d even say it’s a good idea to get started in T2 if you can. Below’s a list of things you’ll need for your baby’s arrival. I kept only the essential for newborn to 3 month-old…

You’re in your 13th week, about to start your second trimester and here’s 5 things you should do.

In case you missed what to do day 1 of pregnancy, here it is.

Step 1 — Announce it

Announce it to your family, your friends and whoever else you want! You don’t have to make it super special, but do try to film it, it’s a special moment and it is great to get back to!

Add these videos to your “Baby” album (see day 1 to-do).

Step 2 — Find a midwife

Find a midwife. It’s more useful than you think.

She’ll be like a friend who knows everything about pregnancy…

Your period’s a couple days late, you took a pregnancy test and it’s positive — hooray, congrats! Here’s what nobody tells you should be done on day 1.

If you’ve told your partner already, or if you plan a surprise announcement, then you can jump right into step 1.

If not, you may want your partner to be the very first person to know you’re having a baby so do that first and then come back here to step 1.

Photo by Laura Olsen on Unsplash

Step 1 — Call your OBGYN

Call your OBGYN and tell him/her you have a positive pregnancy test in hand. On the phone, they’ll most likely…

Being sensitive is essential to our survival. It’s a radar for things that can harm us. We are all somewhat sensitive, it’s part of human nature. However, some of us are highly sensitive.

Are you wondering if you are? Here’s a 6-pt checklist.

1: Sharp Senses

You’re jumpy at loud noises, bright light makes you sleepy, touch can be uncomfortable and make you dizzy, watching violent images or videos is unbearable.

Likewise, you’re transported by music, some colours give you comfort, a soft (stuffed) animal soothes you and beautiful scenery bring tears of joy to your eyes.

You notice details. Evidently, your threshold…

We’re told — and we want — to think positive. And while that’s an incredible way to live, there’s also good from thinking, planning and anticipating horrific outcomes. Morbid, you say? Trust me.

It’s time to use your best worst-case scenario!

You’re indecisive. Making decisions, big or small, comes with a sense of dread. You’re scared you won’t end up where you’re supposed to. You’re scared to miss out. You don’t know which option is best for you.

You’re not alone.

Making decisions doesn’t come easy to all of us. In these times of uncertainty, making decisions is even more challenging. …

Chose Wisely

There’s more to just taking care of yourself. There’s more than learning to navigate your relationship. There’s also learning to build yourself up.

Surround Yourself Well, Identify Toxic People

Some things are harder to identify than others. I’d say a bit of research needs to be done, perhaps even a quick in at the therapist’s might do the trick.

But there’s one trait that in this context is an absolute red flag because it is where it all starts to spiral down.

That is isolation.

An ill-intended manipulative person will do everything in the sneakiest forms possible to have you believe that nobody in your entourage…

Take Care of Yourself

Nobody will take better care of you than you. You are in complete control of your life. Find your own solutions, don’t take on more than you can, accept imperfection and practice flexibility.

Self-check your 4 pillars: mental, physical, spiritual and intellectual health — how you doin’? There’s a good chance you’re under the weather because one or more of those pillars isn’t holding up. Make those changes first.

Find Your Own Solutions

You may need to seek some professional help and that’s entirely okay, I even encourage it greatly! …

Whether you’ve heard it countless times from your partner, or whether you realize it yourself, if you’re the “sad one” or the “serious one” or even, the “negative one” in your relationship, this is for you.

Entitled to your emotions, feelings and opinions

You are allowed to feel whatever you are feeling. No matter the reasons, we are all entitled to our emotions, feelings and opinions. Don’t let anybody ever tell you otherwise, or make you feel bad for feeling something that doesn’t seem right to them.

The Rule When Voicing It

While you should feel absolutely free to feel, there’s a bit of a rule when it comes to voicing it.

How uncomfortable is change to you?

Me? It’s not my favorite thing. I mean, it’s human nature to resist change. Don’t blame yourself.

It’s exciting because of the opportunity for newness, the surprises, the growth. The uncertainty though can make things quite uncomfortable.

It takes some adjustment, and sometimes you don’t quite know where to start.

Quick guide to a new start

Whether you chose this change or it chose you, once it’s at your door step, the best thing to do is to look forward and get excited for what comes next!

First, leave on good terms

First and foremost, you need to sort things out and leave whatever you’re…

As you know from the first part of this thread, I’m not a resilient person in my romantic relationship. So how would I know what to do to make things better, huh?

What I did though is a bit of research on the matter and I also looked at my attitude outside of my relationship.

Yep, turns out, I am pretty resilient. I’m probably not exceptionally resilient but certainly more than in my relationship.

Photo by Slava on Unsplash

So, what to do?

There are 5 things to look into and apply to become more resilient in your relationship, and likely ease some tension…

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