Your period’s a couple days late, you took a pregnancy test and it’s positive — hooray, congrats! Here’s what nobody tells you should be done on day 1.

If you’ve told your partner already, or if you plan a surprise announcement, then you can jump right into step 1.


Being sensitive is essential to our survival. It’s a radar for things that can harm us. We are all somewhat sensitive, it’s part of human nature. However, some of us are highly sensitive.

Are you wondering if you are? Here’s a 6-pt checklist.

1: Sharp Senses

You’re jumpy at loud noises, bright light…

We’re told — and we want — to think positive. And while that’s an incredible way to live, there’s also good from thinking, planning and anticipating horrific outcomes. Morbid, you say? Trust me.

It’s time to use your best worst-case scenario!

You’re indecisive. Making decisions, big or small, comes with a sense of dread. You’re scared you won’t…

How uncomfortable is change to you?

Me? It’s not my favorite thing. I mean, it’s human nature to resist change. Don’t blame yourself.

It’s exciting because of the opportunity for newness, the surprises, the growth. The uncertainty though can make things quite uncomfortable.

It takes some adjustment, and sometimes you…

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